5 Habits to Make Every Morning a SUCCESS!!!

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Hey Gentlemen!
We want to start your year off right! The next few weeks we'll be blogging about steps and habits to help you crush every single day!!! Why create new habits? Recently, my wife and I took a relationship course and we discovered a PRICELESS piece of wisdom. Here is it: Women are driven  by relationships and men are driven by accomplishment. 
This is critical. If you can maximize your day by implements a few easy habits, you're going to feel way more accomplished, content, and satisfied with your everyday life. You'll be a happier husband, boyfriend, son, etc. 
HERE WE GO:                
#1.  Make the bed each morning - Best done after your morning routine. 
Why? -  This makes your bedroom feel clean and tidy and gives you a sense of order. A great way to start the day. 
#2. Always have breakfast - A good size one too :)
Why? - Your body will have the necessary nutrients to start the day at full force. Also, you're going to snack less on junk food.
#3.  Unload the dishwasher each morning - so simply and so wise.
Why? - You'll start the day with an easy accomplishment and you can build momentum from there. I often listen to an audio book or podcast while doing this. 
#4. Tidy up the house before you leave for work.
Why? - You will feel accomplished after this which will continue your good mood. Also, when you come home, you'll be much calmer because it's clean. 
#5. Try and get up at the same time each day.
Why? - The hardest part about this is going to bed on time each night. If you can regulate your sleep patterns you won't feel sluggish, unproductive, or have a feeling that you're already behind on the day. 
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