7 Habits That Will Change Your Evenings Forever!!!

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 Hey Gentlemen!
Your evening routine is a make or break when it comes to being productive, successful, and accomplishing your goals. We've been discussing habits to help you knock each day out of the park! If you're just tuning in now, check out our last blog called: 6 Habits to Make Every Morning a SUCCESS!!!
Since we've already covered morning habits, lets jump straight into habits about our evenings.
#1. - Set the table for breakfast the night before.
Why? - Like we said in our last blog, breakfast gives your body the necessary nutrients to start the day at full force. Also, you're going to snack less on junk food.
#2. - Write down a Plan for tomorrow – this will MAXIMIZE your next day's schedule.
Why? - The vast majority of successful people live by this habit. If you have a plan for the next day of what needs to be done, then you'll increase your probability of completing it. Resulting in feeling better and reaching your goals. 
#3. - Charge your phone overnight.
Why? - ummm... why not? First, you'll never miss your alarm clock because your phone died while you slept. Second, you'll never run out of battery during the day. The busier you are with work and family, the more important this is. 
#4. - Read - Even for 20 minutes. 
Why? - Every single successful person will tell you that your mind needs to be fed and needs to grow in order to stay healthy. Also, this is a great way to unwind, relax, and fall asleep peacefully.
#5. - When you're in bed turn off the iPad, Netflix, or Xbox, etc.
Why? - Studies have proven that if you turn off your electronics before bed you'll sleep better and be more well rested in the morning. 
#6. - Try and go to bed at the same time each day.
Why? - If you can regulate your sleep patterns you won't feel sluggish, unproductive, or have a feeling that you're already behind on the day. 
 #7. - Don't go to bed ANGRY at your loved ones. 
Why? - They may have legitimately wronged you, failed you, or hurt you, I'm not denying that. But as men, we need to rise above and forgive quickly, shake off hurts, and love people for who they are not for what they have done. If you're struggling with anger, talk to your loved one about it and get help if need be. You deserve freedom from it. If you resolve issues before bed you'll wake up the next morning feeling way better than if you did something you regret. Peaceful homes are priceless.       
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