6 SECRET Habits to IMPROVE Your Time Management

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Hey Gentlemen!
I'm super excited to share these SECRET Habits with you today. I personally do these and they help me so much! Computers, cell phones, and microwaves were created in order to save us time in our everyday life. The problem is, we've packed more and more tasks into the day, making this the busiest generation ever. If you can relate, our last blog entitled: 7 Habits That Will Change Your Evenings Forever, will also really help you.
Since we can't stop, slow down, or manipulate time in any way, we're left with the tool of Time Management. Here are 6 of my favorite habits to help improve your everyday life!
#1. - Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier Than Usual
Why? - Having the feeling of extra time in the morning leave you feeling one step ahead and less frustrated if something unexpected comes up. Dog barfing, scraping the car windows, etc. 
#2. – Use Agenda and or Calender – schedule in all events, bills, TO DO’s, deadlines, etc. 
Why? - Being on top of you responsibilities will keep you feeling organized, empowered, and prepared. One of the biggest stresses we can experience is "I forgot to buy birthday present for..." or  "Oh no the project is due today!" or even, "I didn't budget for my cell phone bill and its due today!" Do yourself a favor and plan for these things so you're always one step ahead.  
#3. – While at your appointment, book then next one
Why? - You save time and one less item on the TO DO list. You will also be able to get an appointment time that works best for you rather than having to have whatever is left at the last minute. After, write it down on your calender. 
#4. Phone Reminders are Brilliant
Why?-  Most phones can have multiple alerts for one scheduled event or task. Lets says its paying a bill or your anniversary, use your phone's calender to alert you one week in advance, one day in advance, and the day of. 
#5. - Stop Procrastinating
Why? - This is the most practical and useful secret habit of successful people. When something needs to get done, just do it. We're all human and our tendency is "I'll do it later." You'll be way more accomplished, productive, and way less stressed than leaving things to the last minute. 
#6. - Time for Yourself - Your best investment is into yourself
Why? - Simply schedule in 30 minutes or an hour each day depending on how busy you are. This could be a workout, meditation, reading a good book, listening to a Podcast, etc. I'd stay away from t.v., movies, or napping during this time because this time is an investment into yourself with the purpose of improvement and refreshment. When you're at 100% you'll be able to serve others better, love others better, and overall be more content with life. 
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