4 Habits to Escape Paperwork Nightmares 4EVER!

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Hey Gentlemen!

I hope everyone has had a GREAT weekend!

Since we're all back to the grind I thought I'd share 4 amazing tips about paperwork that I've used to help change my life. Lets be honest here, paperwork can be a nightmare for anyone. Maybe I'm the only guy that use to hate on that one lady in the office who seemed to have everything done on time, paid on time, and a sticky note for everything. [Insert puke]. As much as I despised her organizational skills, I often got buried alive with stocks of bills, envelopes, flyers, and Chinese food menus. I needed to take control back! Keep reading if agree that the 'struggle is real.'
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Without further ado:
4 Habits to Escape Paperwork Nightmares
#1. - Don’t let it pile up 
Why? - Here's a million dollar revelation, big messy piles of paper are intimidating to everyone. By handling it right away will ensure that you don't misplace anything, save time, as well as, give you control over your paperwork. The worst feeling is when your paperwork feels overwhelming and in control over you. 
#2. - Create a simple paperwork system
Why? - Don't make it complex! Creating a simple folder system or excel spreadsheet will ensure that you actually do this. Consistency is the primary factor here. 
#3. - Recycle junk mail, flyers, menus, etc. ASAP
Why? - Your wife and kitchen drawers will thank you. This simply saves space, time, and energy. 
#4. - Automate, automate, automate
Why? - Paper free is the way to be. Utility bills, cell phones, internet, and more can all be done paid automatically now. This will save you a ton of time and headache. You can always review these bills online after the fact if you have a dispute and you'll never miss a payment which is great if you have a busy life. 
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