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Hey Gentlemen!
Ok, New Year's has been over for a while now and most of us have long since given up on our quest for the infamous and often illusive '6 pack.' There's no shame in your game, while I was writing this blog I totally felt the same conviction many of you guys feel over a missed goal.       
I've been chatting with trainers and doing some research in order to help us reach our fitness goals together. These 3 habits are extremely easy to incorporate into your daily routine and they are also extremely effect if consistently practiced.                          
2 habits involve eating and the other is exercise. Why? As we enter into this, remember this one statement: "Getting in shape starts in the kitchen". Yup, there's that convicted feeling again....   
#1. - Shake That! Start the day with a healthy shake. 
Why? - Loading up a shake first thing in the morning is a great way to make sure you're starting the day with proper nutrients. You're going to feel full and energetic. 
My Personal Recipe
1 cup spinach or kale (you won't even taste it and it's jam pack with nutrients)
1 cup frozen mixed berries (keeps longer than fresh berries and contains the same anti-oxidants)
2 tsp of almond or peanut butter (the fat will keep you fuller, longer)
1-2 cups of chocolate almond milk (tastes good without a bunch of calories)
1/2 banana (the potassium will prevent you from cramping if you work out in the morning)
~Optional Extra~
1 tsp of instant coffee (boom-shaka-laka! This will put some boost in your juice!)
1/2 scoop of protein powder (you're body can only absorb 25 grams of protein at a time so don't waste your powder)
1 tsp of hemp hearts (the extra fiber will help you feel... lets call it ... regular.)
#2. - Have a Target Calorie Goal and Carbohydrate Goal 
Why? - This takes some discipline but if you consistently hit your goals than you'll feel accomplished and much healthier. I suggest using MyFitnessPal app for the most accurate tracking. 
#3. - Do Some Sort of Exercise Each Day - Sounds simple right? Whether its going to the gym for 30 minutes, a walk out side with your wife or child, a fitness video game, etc... You can always find a little bit of exercise each day. 
Why? - This is great for keeping your blood moving, and keeping your muscles, tendons, and ligaments from getting stiff. The more exercise you do, the more energy you have, and the more energy you have, the more successful you can be each day. Don't forget to warm up and stretch :)                                       
Alanzo Paul 
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Hope this helps guys! Leave me a COMMENT & SHARE :)                             

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