BEARD TIP OF THE WEEK: Preventing Breakouts!!!

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Hey gentlemen!
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BEARD TIP OF THE WEEK: Preventing Breakouts
The Struggle is Real
Tons of us fight the good fight for clear skin. Acne is actually more common among men then you may think and if you don't struggle with Acne then we've all felt the embarrassment of having a huge pimple popping up at the worst time ever. 
Beard balms, beard oils, mustache waxes, etc, are generally very nourishing and moisturizing for our faces and beard hair... but how many of us know that too much of anything can be a bad thing. Layers and layers of anything on your face (organic or not) can build up and clog your pores. 
For those of us with beards and struggle with break outs of pimples, here is my tip: 
Wash your beard and face throughly with warm water before bed every night.
No soap, no beard shampoo, just warm water. Over using soap on your face will dry out your skin. Over using beard shampoo will dry out your beard hairs. Simply wash your beard and face with warm water, removing all excess beard oil, balms, etc. 
Why? This will allow your skin to breath naturally while you sleep and provide you with a blank canvas to work with in the morning. 
I do this every day and my skin has never been better!
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