3 Easy to Maintain Office Appropriate Beard Styles

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Men often tend to ignore the influence that a beard has on one’s appearance. Those men are making a big mistake. With the right beard style, you can create a persona that can take you places. The wrong style, though, can have you grossly misunderstood and have people undermining your abilities. This is especially true in a corporate setting, where office appropriate beard styles are an absolute must!

Before we dive deeper into the styles and how they can accentuate your features and hide your flaws, let us make one thing clear – for the office, short is good. You do not want to walk in to work as if you’ve returned from a never-ending vacation where you didn’t have access to a trimmer, scissors, or a mirror. In an office setting, the lone wanderer look is not going to do you any good.

There are some careers where a beard is still pretty much frowned upon purely because it tends to look messy. However, even those working in finance or law can effortlessly maintain composed, well-sorted, and articulate look with any of the following beard styles.




Many of you will argue that stubble isn’t precisely a beard, but well-maintained stubble does add a substantial amount of character to one’s face. It can add definition to the face structure, which is much needed for those with a missing jawline.

To pull off stubble at the workplace, make sure the lines are always well defined, and it is even throughout. To avoid it getting itchy, use good quality beard oil as it helps leave facial hair and skin well moisturized.

If you feel like you can commit to the maintenance, then go for the long stubble. The perfect five ‘o clock shadow may be harder to maintain but is known for providing an even darkening of the lower face. It adds a serious, more authoritative touch to your overall appearance. It could be particularly well-suited for those in a managerial position.




The Short boxed style serves as the perfect intermediary between a full beard and stubble. It is a style that suits most faces shapes, including angular, heart-shaped, and round faces. This beard style highlights your cheekbones as it removes all hair from that area.

It follows along with the natural shape of the beard, so you don’t have to worry about fixing any defining lines. As long as you don’t have any hair creeping farther than two inches beneath your jaw, you are good to go. It is the perfect corporate beard style for those who want a full beard but are trying to follow the unspoken office dress code against it.

You will have to go over your short box beard at least two to three times a week to keep it looking perfect at all times. Do keep in mind the color of your hair and their density. Darker hair tends to appear intimidating. Keep your beard at around a quarter of an inch long.

If you have thinner or lighter colored hair, you can let them grow out a little longer to not have them looking patchy.




The French beard is one style that never goes out of fashion. In fact, it has evolved with time, and thanks to the evolutionary process, we have an all-time classic office appropriate beard style in the form of a French beard with a chinstrap.

The French beard on its own only is spread only over the chin area. The mustache and the beard are joined by a thin strip of hair running along the lips. Often, the area under the lips is bushier than the others. On its own, it is also a completely office-appropriate beard style, but with a chinstrap, it’s even better.

However, join the French beard to the sideburns with a chin strap, and you have a fantastic beard that highlights your jawline. The hairs are kept even throughout the beard, giving it a nice uniform look. If you want to be taken seriously, this is the look for you. It gives off a clean aura. Combined with a shorter pushed back hairstyle, it is the perfect look to carry with a suit.


How to Keep it On-Point


Long stubbles require a little more effort. You may need to include the use of beard balm for styling alongside the regular use of beard oil to get rid of the itch. The beard balm holds the hair in place, giving it a more refined look.

For maintenance, you have to go in with a trimmer once every week to keep the three-day stubble look. For longer stubbles thrice every two weeks is fine. Just make sure you use the appropriate amount of beard balm to stop unruly hair from ruining the corporate look.

Short Boxed Beard

Short boxed beards are ideal for those with curly hair. It is short and well defined. It puts those curly hairs to use by covering the jawline and highlighting the cheekbones.

However, to have it looking well maintained, you need to use a good amount of beard balm. You should also use a good quality beard conditioner to tame the hair and leave it looking soft and refined.

Make sure you go over the neck and the cheekbones with a trimmer at least two to three times a week. While you are at it, do run it over the beard to ensure the beard doesn’t grow too long to be professional.

French with Chinstrap

This beard style suits men with sharp facial features. It is best to keep the length short so as not to have a look that becomes too intimidating. Restrict the beard to 10mm only, and it works just fine. The chin straps usually have an angle that runs just underneath the cheekbone. You need to go over the neckline and the cheeks at least twice a week to maintain that clean, sleek look.

Make sure you use a beard balm to avoid getting an unattractive beard itch, keep your hair short, and brush it thoroughly. The secret to pulling off an office appropriate beard style lies in its maintenance regime. If it looks good and neat, it works well in all corporate settings.

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