The Beard Brush Crash Course

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While grocery shopping, a single man comes across toilet brushes. "Wow! What a great idea," he thinks to himself and buys three of them. Two weeks later, however, he goes back to using toilet paper.
Gentlemen, brushes can sometimes baffle the best of us but... have no fear! We're here to help!
Why Brush? (So you don't look like this dude obviously)
The main reason why we advise using a beard brush is, that it provides control over your beard. For the first 4-6 weeks of beard growing - without much effort - your beard is seemingly tame. All hell breaks loose after that. Brushing organizes and trains your hairs to lay properly, giving you control again over your beard. As it grows, you want to keep beard hairs from growing wild, unruly, and tangled (Kind of like this dude).
Best Beard Brush Practices
Brushing brings the comfort back to your face!
1. Brushing helps round off the sharp edges of your spear-shaped hairs therefore reducing irritation.
2. Brushing takes away dead skin cells (the infamous dandruff), dust, grime, and dirt. The clearing away of these foreign objects will result in a better clean when you brush before jumping in the shower. Gentlemen, if you want a date... ever... then step up your game!
2 Beard Brushing Strategies for Success
Strategy #1
Brush in the morning. This is effective because after you have slept on your beard there will be quite a few of tangles and dead skin cells that get buried into your beard. Begin brushing with a bottom up motion first (against the grain) then follow up with a top down motion. This will untangle your beard, reorganize your hairs, and clear away dead skin cells.
Strategy #2
Once a day ONLY. This is crucial gentlemen because brushing is quite aggressive on your beard hairs. You want to minimize the hairs that will be brushed out, so keep this to once a day in the morning. Twice a day under extreme circumstances (like a hot date for example. We at B.I.G. Beard Balm would never hate on that).
3 Simple Steps for a Quick Clean
 1. Pull out beard hairs with your fingers.
 2. Use another comb or brush reach beard hairs caught deep within your brush.
 3. Run finger through the bristles, upside down to get dead skin cells and other foreign objects out of your brush.
3 Simple Steps for a Deep Clean
NOTE: We recommend doing this once a month only. 
 1. Take liquid soap in your hand, and work it into the brushes bristles.
 2. Rinse thoroughly and work bristles again.
 3. Air Dry
Thanks dudes and we hope this helps!
Alanzo Julian Paul
B.I.G. Beard Balm
Being Incredible Gentlemen
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