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I Got 99 Problems But My Beard Ain't One
A universal life hack is this 'Nothing worth getting comes easy'.Glorious beards take consistent effort and patience.
The funny thing about journeys is that if someone has been down the path before you, they can show you the right paths to take and how to journey well. On this journey of your beard becoming a mighty entity, we want to give you the road map for how you will conquer the mountain of growing a beard!
On this journey you will run into itchiness, redness and other beard problems. This is part of the beard journey so don’t quit! Don’t shave! Don’t trim! 
Where Beard Problems Start
When you shave, your razor creates tiny spears out of your facial hair. Once they begin growing, these spear-shaped hairs will eventually curl into your face. Hence the “pokey” feeling.
The itchiness and redness you’re experiencing are your hairs waging caveman style war on your skin. To succeed on this beard growing journey you will need some tools and advice.
HACK #1 - High Quality Beard Products :
Use a high quality beard product that is great for your skin and beard. Use all natural / organic beard products so that your body isn’t absorbing chemicals through your skin. 
The all natural ingredients found in B.I.G Beard Balms leave-in beard conditioner are usually never seen together in a single beard product. It has been crafted to contain no binders, fillers or preservatives, making it’s suitable for beards of every size, shape, and experience level. 
The leave-in beard conditioner is made of the following all natural ingredients: beeswax, candelilla wax, soybean wax, coconut oil extract, hemp seed oil, castor oil, olive fruit oil, meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter and vitamin E. 
With these ingredients it is much softer and richer than the average beard balm or wax, making it incredibly simple to use. Beardsmen from every experience level - beginner to expert - have stated that it is the happy medium between a beard oil and beard balm, which is a breath of fresh air in the beard world.
HACK #2 - 100% Boar Bristle Brush:
This is a long kept secret of beadsmen. The brushing dulls the points on those spear-shaped hairs and removes foreign objects. As you brush you will notice the steady decline of irritation.
For best results, brush first and then apply B.I.G. Beard Balm's All Natural Leave-in Conditioner.  
HACK #3 - Time:
The great conqueror. To grow a beard, the two steps above are to help speed things up, but no matter what… you have to go through the process. This is a right of passage for every beadsmen. Growing a beard is actually a great way to learn the invaluable life lesson, patience. Perhaps in another blog.
On that note, the greatest things in life are worth waiting for: God, love, a spouse, children, family, friendship, education, purpose.... and of course beards. 
HACK #4 - Shampoo:
A bar of soap? Hair shampoo? Using these are terrible for the glory growing on your face!! It's a super common beardsmen mistake so don't beat yourself up. The average dude simply thinks that your face is itchy because its dirty. Cleaning your beard is a good idea, otherwise you will be.. well… dirty.
Wash your beard with warm water each night before bed. This takes out any left over product, rinses away any junk that got caught in your beard, and leaves you feeling fresh. A deep down clean should only happen once per week to keep your hair from getting brittle. Find a good, organic / all natural beard shampoo to use. The hair on your scalp and the hair on your face quite different. Believe it or not, but your beard and face need a gentler formula than your scalp. Regular shampoo will only dry out your face and beard so we advise not using it. 
Check it... If you're feelin' down & out we want to encourage you to keep going. Don't give up. Don't lose hope. You're valuable. You can get through anything!
Check out this video that has helped me personally get through difficult challenges.

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