Grow a Beard: Jojoba Oil Beard Hack

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Men growing beards are continuously trying to improve beard growth and maintenance. Beards - like the hair on your scalp - need to be maintained correctly, lest they dry out, grow bacteria, or just become unruly. Jojoba Oil is an incredible ingredient and is our choice when it comes to beard maintenance hacks.

Jojoba Oil was a strategically picked ingredient in B.I.G. Beard Balm's original beard balm and all natural leave-in conditioner because this American oil packs a punch for both beard hair and skin. Jojoba Oil helps cells reserve and retain moisture, which is vital for healthy beard growth. This will also result in a drastic reduction in skin irritations which is the main cause of beardsmen shaving off their beards. The list of benefits when incorporating B.I.G Beard Balm's products into your routine is quite long due to the Jojoba Oil found in it. Some of the benefits are: superb moisturizing, reduces fine lines, increasing suppleness, natural healing properties for both skin and beard hair. It can actually help with skin problems such as but not limited to: scars, stretch marks, blackheads, pimples and acne.

B.I.G. Beard Balm products which contain Jojoba Oil are effective tools for beardsmen with tough or sensitive beard hair and skin. University of Maryland Medical Center completed a study on men who suffered from hair loss. What they found was interesting, the use of Jojoba Oil resulted in noticeable improvements in the growth of new hair follicles. Jojoba Oil is quite similar to the natural oil produced by the human body and helps maintain and moisturize which stimulates growth.

Beard maintenance is crucial to the overall health of a beard. A dirty beard will result in clogged pores, split ends, and a build up of foreign objects. Bacteria can quickly begin to live in a beard that is not maintained properly.Case studies at Michigan University clearly demonstrated that five of the most common skin bacteria plus a certain skin fungi could not continue to live in Jojoba Oil. Therefore, beards using B.I.G. Beard Balm products have proven to have overall healthier beard hair and skin. 

In a separate university study, Professor Zille of Port Elizabeth University studied the efficacy of Jojoba Oil's anti-bacterial powers and the results found that jojoba oil destroys the bacteria staphylococcus and pseudomonas.

In conclusion, B.I.G. Beard Balm's original beard balm, containing 100% organic Jojoba Oil, can really be the game changer in daily beard maintenance habits. By keeping it clean and by keeping it healthy, growing a beard has never been more comfortable than it is now.

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