Enhance Your Beard: Top 5 Benefits of Vitamin E

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Virtually everyone knows about the benefits Vitamin E for both hair and skin, but recent research has uncovered other benefits with which many beardsmen may not be familiar with. 

Interestingly, beardsmen are beginning to realize that Vitamin E aids in overall beard hair and skin health, as well as, maintenance. According to a study published by Oregon State University in February 2012 by Alexander J. Michels, Ph.D. "After topical application, vitamin E accumulates not only in cell membranes, but also in the extracellular lipid matrix of the stratum corneum, where vitamin E contributes to antioxidant defenses."

The Top 5 Benefits of a beard balm containing Vitamin E:

• Skin Benefits – It is quite common for the skin beneath a beard to become irritated due to free radicals. Multiple research studies have shown that the antioxidants contained in Vitamin E protect the cells in the skin and prevent the formation of the new free radicals which can easily damage skin.

• Stimulates New Beard Hair Growth – Massaging beard balm containing vitamin E into a beard can increase blood circulation to that particular area of the body. The result of a healthy supply of blood to the face is that it stimulates beard hair to grow. Not only that but Vitamin E is quite well know for its ability to prevent premature graying because of its nourishing properties. 

• Treatment for Beards with Split Ends – Dermatologist agree that Vitamin E is a great remedy to beards with split ends. The split ends come from a combinations of different sources such as: harmful beard products (non-organic beard products in particular), blow drying, lack of beard treatments, and over washing with harmful shampoos. Regular treatments of beard balm in a beard will ensure that hairs will remain smooth and moisturized.

• Treatment for Beard Dandruff – Research indicates that Vitamin E deeply conditions and hydrates both hair and skin which will treat beard dandruff. If used in a daily routine, beards can remain dandruff free. 

• Beneficial to Beard Hair – Vitamin E is extremely popular because of the vast number of benefits to beard hair. It promotes beard hair growth, increases shine, antioxidant, moisturizing to both skin and beard hair, helps repair split ends, prevents premature graying, anti-aging, and much more. 

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