4 Eating Hacks for a Healthier Beard and Life

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"The condition of your facial hair directly corresponds to the health of your body," says Jim White, registered dietitian and American Dietetic Association spokesman. Interestingly, "The same nutrients that have a positive effect on our heart and other major organs also benefit our skin and hair."
So gentlemen, let me ask you... 

1. What does your diet consist of? 
2. Do you remember what vegetables are?
3. Have you ever seen those dudes with patchy beards?
4.  Are you one of those dudes?  

Just joking above. Seriously though, its NOT too late to turn that patchy beard into a full bore bodacious beard with some easy tweaking. By implementing these 4 Eating Hacks you're going to notice your beard and Life health dramatically increase. 
This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it is an easy and effective way to begin your journey of eating better. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should take your health seriously, and I've listed the top 3:
1. Your Family - They are counting on you being around for as long as possible. These 4 Eating Hacks can help you be there for them. 
2. Your Own Health - The importance of your health was once explained to me like this... When do you generally notice your pinky toe? That's right, when you smash it into a corner! Unfortunately by then it's too late and it has to be nursed backed to normal. Your health is the same way, and sometimes we don't pay attention until it's too late. Let's be a generation of men who don't take our lives for granted, and let's have an attitude of gratitude ( A tad cheesy I know but its still true). 
3.  For a Healthy Beard - Come on, who doesn't want a greater looking and feeling beard? If you don't, your wife certainly does. Men, we need to step our game up a notch #beardlife. 
 We at The B.I.G. Company wanted to make these 4 Hacks for a Healthier Beard and Life as simple as possible, so let's jump in: 
Keeping your joints healthy will keep you moving and doing the things you really love to do in life. Sports, hunting, playing with your kids, brushing your beard, or flirting with your girlfriend. We all need to stay active but with sore joints the only thing you'll be doing is watching Netflix.
All of us take in a ton of crap everyday. Whether it be from the general pollution in the air, smoking, fast food, etc. This stuff shouldn't stay in your body, so how do you flush it out? Green vegetable and fruit will take this junk out of your body and leave you feeling great. Lamborghini's don't run on standard petro and neither should you. Greens are the premium fuel that you and your beard require.
According to the statistics available from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, "610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year - that's 1 in every 4 deaths... Every year about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack." Thats some real truth. We as men have a responsibility to be good stewards of our physical hearts, so we can be there for our true 'hearts' which is our families. 
Last, but certainly not least is long life. We at The B.I.G. Company believe that there is a plan and purpose for every man's life. We've seen how the world needs good men; men who lead with honor, integrity, and courage. Do yourself, your family and your beard a favor by taking care of your health. 
The B.I.G. Company endeavours to help grow great beards and great men. If this has helped you, share with others and let us know! 

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