5 Ways to Get Your Woman to Love your Beard

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Hi gentlemen, Mrs. B.I.G. here :)
How many of you beardsmen or men who dream of being a beardsman, have heard from your wife or girlfriend:
  • "I don't like your beard"
  • "It too rough and scratchy"
  • "It looks messy"
  • "It doesn't suit you” etc.
And man! You want to grow a beard, but you love this woman too much to disappoint her. Very Nobel of you. 
So how can you grow a beard/ keep it, and also keep your woman happy?
I never use to like beards at all! Maybe a little stubble on my husband looked good, but that’s about it. After diving into the world of beads, to my surprise I started to like them. I have been enlighten and I can now see clearly that it’s not beards I don’t like, its how men wear beards that I don’t like. 
I have put together a list of 5 things that every bearded man needs to know to get his woman to love his beard. It will take a bit more effort on your part, but you will also get your ladies buy-in on your glorious beard.
#1. Daily beard regime 
What would happen if people never brushed or washed their hair? It would become and nasty mess! Your beard is the same. You need to brush it, wash it, condition it, and make it look and feel nice. The more you take care of your beard, the more your lady will enjoy it with you!
#2. Trim your beard
Go to the barber and get a your beard shaped to suit your face. Sometimes you need professional help to get the right shape for your face. Make sure the barber who is shaping your beard has a good track record with shaping beards and knows what they are doing. You don’t want someone who isn’t experienced to make and attempt and fail at it. 
#3. Smell Good
Use beard products that make your woman want to be close to you for increased romance and closeness. She will touch you and tell you how great you are. Don't use smells like pine tree or cedar wood. It's very rare that you will ever hear a woman say "I love it when you smell like a forest”. Let your beard be an enjoyable experience for her from the smell the to touch.
#4. Dress well
If you always dress like you got nothing to do, your beard will take a hit in your woman's eyes and a man can look very scruffy and messy. You want to look and feel good and confident. Walk around like a man who is dressed for success. You can dress casual, but wear t-shirts and jeans that fit you well and are clean! Your clothes don’t need to be expensive for you to look good. Brands like George or Joe Fresh really make dressing nice affordable. Take it up a notch on date nights with a night dress-shirt to go with your jeans, causal pants or dress pants. 
#5. Do your hair 
Do you do your hair? Or just take a shower and then, whatever. The hair on your head should compliment the hair on your face! There is a fine balance that will make or break that beard. Don’t be hesitant to ask for some professional advice from a barber or hair dresser. Take a look on places like Pinterest (search “beards") or Instagram (#beards) for hairstyles that look good with your style of beard. 
After taking some initiative and our advice, let us know how it goes! We would love to hear if you had success in turning your woman into a beard lover. 
Bushiest Regards,
Mrs. B.I.G
The B.I.G. Company endeavours to help grow great beards and great men. If this has helped you, let us know! 
QUESTION: Whats your favorite beard grooming tip? Tell us how much you woman loves your beard on the links below!
Picture Credit: https://www.artefactmagazine.com/2015/02/26/the-bearded-community is where I found the first two pictures. An awesome blog! Check em out. 

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