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Real talk: nothing makes me happier than the girth of my beard and the twist of my stache. I mean, when you’ve reached that stage where patches are disappearing and combing your moustache actually does something. Sure my wife gets mad when I fill the sink with beard trimmings and sure the majority of soft served foods get caught in it but dude its worth it. Like every other OG my medicine cabinet is proudly filled with beard oils, beard balms, leave-in conditioners, lotions, and the like. All purchased in the valiant name of growth, fighting the itch, as well as, dandruff aka the great and terrible beard-druff.
In my valorous beard ventures, I've endeavored to solve the following beard problems: the growth quest, ending the eternal itch, and eliminating embarrassing dandruff. In this journey my face has smelt like everything under the sun; from alpine forests and lumberjacks to black liquorice to what I think was new car smell. I could have auditioned for the movie ‘Grease’ with some of the beard oils out there and could have played hockey with some of the beard balms pucks I've received. Despite all my bad experiences on this journey of solving my beard problems, there’s nothing like sleeping in on a Saturday, taking a quick hot shower then cracking open a brand new beard product to try. You know when you smell it for the first time and work it into your beard while its still 17% damp? I made up that number. Thats my jam!
Okay so my last example above was best case scenario. Again let me say I've endured my share of crap balms, conditioners, butters, oils, etc. that must have crammed an entire eucalyptus tree inside, so I decided to seek out a beard product that actually works; not too smelly, not too greasy, and something to help continue the growth of this miraculous mane of mine. Doing what any sensible male would do, I grabbed an ice cold brew and immersed myself in online research (and after only three hours on Buzzfeed I actually started.) 
Is it just me or is the amount of oils out there starting to get ridiculous? Here is a list of oils that I thought were funny:
Advocado Oil - I do love me some guacamole 
Hemp Seed Oil - I've been clean-ish since high school bro. Polite pass.
Rosehip Oil - I didn’t even know roses had hips
Jamaican Black Castor Oil - This actually sounds cool. One love. 
Emu Oil - I like my birds deep fried not on my face.  
The vast majority of beard products have similar functions: moisturizing, repairing beard hairs and relief. Those three functions are exactly what I need to solve my growth, itch, and dandruff problems. In light of all the options out there which one is most efficacious? I want to see tangible results period. So while plunging into great articles and blogs there was a mountain of evidence growing for two ingredients in particular: jojoba oil and argan oil. These oils have been around for thousands of years and with respect in mind for Straight Outta Compton these ingredients are the OGs of beard ingredients. I'd like to focus on these two ingredients in particular and I'll save beeswax, shea butter, etc for another article :)
I’m not a beard scientist and I’m not Ricki Hall (yet) but I did find an insightful University study within all my research. The number 1 problem for most men with beards is growth, we all want more. Interestingly, the University of Maryland Medical Center completed a study that demonstrated that the use of Jojoba Oil resulted in noticeable improvements in the growth of new hair follicles. Also, Jojoba Oil is quite similar to the natural oil produced by the human body and helps maintain and moisturize which stimulates growth. This is remarkable and absolutely solved my growth, itchiness, and dandruff problems. There's more, argan oil seems to be jojoba’s trusted side kick and actually works best on beards when paired together. What I found was that its rich in nutrients such as Vitamin E and antioxidants to protect both your beard hair and skin as well as deeply moisturizing. If you’re not familiar with these terms, think of it like this; its a protein shake for your beard instead of a beer. Not only that, they successfully and effectively perform the tasks of hydration, revitalization, and restoration to your beard. Not only that, these two ingredients together have unique and potent abilities to remedy, frizzy, dull, and damaged hairs. Finally our beards can recover from the summer BBQs. 
To find a product with these two ingredients, it needed to fit some required I have: I want the pure stuff no fillers, has to be organic, great smell, no additives, no parabens, no GMOs, no animal testing, with great reviews from a reputable site like Amazon not some BS site with 17 followers. Surprisingly, the best one I could find for my beard standards was from The B.I.G. Company Inc. These guys make an organic beard balm in Canada that fits the bill above and contain organic jojoba and argan oil amount several other amazing ingredients. Under priced in my opinion at 18$ for a perfect pocket size 2 oz container; their available at bigbeardbalm.com, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk. These guys have hundreds of great reviews; been around for a while; and manufactured in Canada. I love supporting small companies and they're doing a lot right! This organic beard balm is miraculous. My beard has never grown so quickly or more fully. The eternal itch is now a distant memory and the embarrassing dandruff has been vanquished. Is it just me or does customer service suck these days? Well The B.I.G. Company Inc., has without a doubt five star customer service that is knowledgeable and quick to respond. I got an awesome Beard Guide eBook with my purchase which really helped. B.I.G. stands for 'Being Incredible Gentlemen' and they live up to the name and my beard and I thank them for their miracle producing beard products. 
The awesome team at The B.I.G. Company Inc., is extending an exclusive limited-time offer to all readers:

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