Who Created The B.I.G. Company Inc.? Let Me Introduce you

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Happy New Years gentlemen!
As 2016 is beginning, I thought you might be curious of Who's Behind The B.I.G. Company Inc.? Well, most of you know we're a small Canadian company that started with just my beautiful wife and I. The team as growing along with the beards and we're so THANKFUL for all you guys who have given us a shot at helping your beard. 
Here's the Team
Left to Right: Mitchell M. [Product Expert], Gabriel L. [a young adult I am mentoring], Andrew M. [Business Advisor], Myself [bald guy], Travis B. [Trends Expert], Jason C. [Business Advisor], Manoel B. [Business Advisor], Derek C. [Media Expert], Josh A. [the waiter at the restaurant]. 
Our Beginning ... 
My wife Khadija, and I started this company in 2014 with a passion for quality men's grooming products and a desire to help men grow their character. The two of us started with this dream and a couple hundred dollars in our pocket. Still working at our full time jobs and public speaking to crowds as big as 1000 people, we began. We grinded hard! 18 hours days and maxed out every credit card we had but we made it work. Eventually, we were able to quit our jobs and go full time on crafting the very best beard products available. 
Now you may have noticed two things from the picture above: why so many experts/advisors on the team and where is your wife? The reason for so many experts/advisors is because I wholehearted believe the following 2000 year old proverb from a guy named King Solomon, he said, "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." In order to grow The B.I.G. Company Inc. into a trusted men's grooming brand, my wife and I knew that we needed all the help we could get. In 2016 you can expect to see a whole bunch of new products from us made with the premium all natural ingredients that you're use to. 
Secondly, the reason you don't see my wife there is because she's holding the camera. She has a servant-like heart and is usually behind the scenes of whatever we do making sure that everyone is doing their job with a spirit of excellence for our customers. 
Our Mission:
Is to help men become better men. If you haven't see it before I'll show you now, B.I.G. stands for Being Incredible Gentlemen. This is the heart and soul of our company. How do we accomplish this? Not only do we make reference to it in our eBook, blogs, and social media posts, but we do a lot of public speaking. Mainly to youth and young adults but we've help teach leadership, personal development, and more for almost 5 years now. 
That's my beautiful wife beside me speaking to 100 youths and young adults. 
As 2016 moves forward, we'll be showing you guys more of what we are involved with in terms of helping other people and helping men become better men. We're so happy to do this journey with you guys and you can rest assured that every product purchased, every social media post shared, everything, is helping us impact the world for good! 
How Can You Help?
Spread the word! Got friends who would enjoy our products? Tell them our story, tell them about our premium quality all natural products. Every purchase helps us further our cause and the more followers we have on social media the of a positive influence we can have :)
Alanzo Paul
The B.I.G. Company Inc. 

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