Highlight the Highs and Hide the Lows with the Right Beard Shape

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The right beard shape can make a world of difference to your appearance. Got chubby cheeks? Grow a beard. Want to highlight your cheekbones? Grow a beard. Don’t have a strong jawline? Hide it with a beard. Your facial hair can help accentuate your best features and hide those that you aren’t particularly proud of. Want to know how to choose the right beard shape according to your face shape? Then keep on reading.

There are five broad face categories.

  1. Heart
  2. Oval
  3. Triangular
  4. Square
  5. Round

You can determine your face shape by measuring the length and width of your face structure. But how do you decide which beard style will suit you best?



Beard Styles for Oval faces

In oval faces, the face length is longer than the width of the cheekbones. The forehead is wider than the jawline, which is round and not angular. If you have an oval face structure, you can get away with a variety of beard styles as it is the ideal face shape, according to many self-proclaimed beard experts on the internet.

Oval faces do not have a solid jawline, and if you want to hide that, you can keep a full bear or long stubble that is slightly longer on the sides and shorter in the middle. The length towards the ends helps add more structure to the face, giving the illusion of a wider jaw.

However, if that isn’t the look you desire, then you can sport any beard style. Goatee, corporate, full natural, or French; it all looks good on an oval face. Most popular beard styles for oval faces include:

  • Chevron
  • 3 Day stubble
  • Corporate beard
  • Garibaldi


Beard Styles for Heart Shaped face

Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads and comparatively thinner cheekbones and jawline. They feature a pointy chin. For those with a heart-shaped structure, we suggest they keep it light. A heavy beard is only going to make their face appear smaller.

Stick to a well-maintained designer stubble to add texture to the face without it overpowering your natural bone structure. The use of beard oil becomes necessary with stubble as you don’t want your skin to be itchy. Make sure you regularly brush your stubble to get rid of dead skin, or it can add unattractive white patches which are not at all flattering.

The best way to accentuate the features of a heart-shaped face is to keep a short beard with clean lines for definition. Here are some beard styles for inspiration:

  • Mutton chops
  • Thin chin curtain
  • 3-day stubble
  • French beard with chin straps

Beard Styles for Round faces

Working with a round face is considerably easier as it doesn’t take much effort to give it an ovular look. You can keep a variety of beards from corporate to a whaler (not that we recommend the look). By styling them right, you can alter your face structure to your liking.

To add length, keep the sides of the beard short but leave the hair in the middle long. To create the illusion of a stronger and wider jaw, keep the hair on the sides slightly longer than the ones in the middle. You can even bring out your cheekbones by maintaining the perfect five o clock shadow.

Some styles that suit a round face incredibly well include:

  • Anchor beard
  • Short boxed
  • Vandyke
  • Balbo beard

Beard Styles for Square Faces

The most dominant here feature here is your strong jaw. Some men love it, while others feel it makes them look formidable. But if the Clark Kent look is what you’re going for, then light stubble will do wonders by giving the face a masculine appeal. Keep a sharp five o clock shadow to provide an even more chiseled look.

If you want to soften the look, you can keep longer stubble with a little more length at the chin. Doing so will add length to the face, which takes away from the width. The hair on the jaw also takes away from the strong facial structure.

Almost everything looks good on square faces. You can support a French beard, or a chevron, depending upon your preference. Some styles that accentuate the best features of a square face are:

  • Circle beard
  • Royal beard
  • Goatee
  • Petite Goatee

Beard Styles for Triangular Faces

Triangular faces have a wider hairline and a broad jaw with a narrow pointed chin. You can support various beard styles with this structure, as it is pretty similar to a square face. With minor styling changes, you can create the illusion of a broader chin, which goes perfectly with the jaw.

Keep the hair longer from the cheekbones down and keep them short on the chin. Doing so will square off the beard at the bottom, creating a somewhat wider structure. Sport a corporate beard, full beard, or whaler as long as you keep it in shape and properly trimmed. You are good to go. Some ideal beard styles for triangular faces are:

  • Full boxed beard
  • Beard stache
  • 5 o clock shadow stubble
  • French beard with chin straps

There is no set answer to how to choose the right beard shape for your face. It’s not so much about your face structure; then it is about the desired result. You can support a variety of beard styles, trimming them according to the shape you want them to be.

The ideal way to go is to grow out a full beard and cut the length of the hair as you need to. Keep the sides long to hide the jaw or to give an illusion of a wider jaw. Keep the length on the chin long to add length to the face or keep it short of giving it a wider look.

As long as you use the right products to groom your beard, you can rock any look. Walk into work, looking your best, or attend dinner parties. Well-groomed facial hair never runs out of style.

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