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New York University Endorses Beeswax for Beards

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Everyone is looking for the that key ingredient in a beard product. Something that will take their beard game to the next level. To take it from good to great... from average to phenomenal! This unique ingredient is 100% organic beeswax. This blog is going to be particularly helpful for those beardsmen that are attempting to grow their first beard or having difficulties growing a beard in general. 

100% organic beeswax has been clinically proven to enhance beard growth and health as well as health for the skin beneath your beard. B.I.G. Beard Balm's original beard balm for example contains 100% organic beeswax which is designed to target both skin and beard hair because of its high levels of retinoids (Vitamin A). Doris Day, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center, has stated, "There are more than 700 published studies on retinoids (Vitamin A) - they're tried-and-true ingredients. Anyone who wants younger-looking skin should use one."

Further to what is stated above by Doris Day, MD, Vitamin A has been clinically proven to have both preventative and therapeutic uses, such as keeping your cells healthy. When beard hair and skin cells are healthy they stay moist and resistant to cell damage. It's simple, the number one issue with growing a beard is the itch due to dry skin and the beard dandruff that follows. Excessive dry skin and itching can permanently damage the skin beneath a beard if left untreated for too long. Not only that, beard dandruff can be unnecessarily embarrassing because it is easily treated with the Vitamin A found in beeswax. The evidence is exceedingly great on the side of beeswax for a healthy beard and skin. By keeping beard hair and skin cells hydrated beardsmen are able to combat dry skin and beard dandruff as well as find relief from the itch.

Our specific beard tip for you is to try a beard balm that contains 100% organic beeswax as a main ingredient and incorporate it into your daily morning routine. After only a few days you will start seeing dramatic results in both your beard hair and skin.



By brushing your beard before you shower, you will loosen dead skin cells and other foreign objects that you want to wash out during your shower resulting in a deep down clean. We recommend using a boar bristle brush without synthetic bristles. The B.I.G. Company will have one available August 2015.


2. SHOWER (please).
Insight: We suggest only washing your beard once a week with a beard shampoo. Twice a week if you work outdoors or somewhere dusty. A good rinse with warm water generally does the trick. Also, avoid using harmful scalp shampoos and conditioners on your beard. 

Insight: A blow dryer can dry out your beard hair and skin as well as cause split ends so this is a B.I.G. No! (Do you see what we did there? With the B.I.G. thing instead of big because our company's name... {insert crickets sounds} whatever man!)

Insight: Take your beard balm, we suggestion using B.I.G. Beard Balm (obviously lol), and scrap a thumb nail size amount out of the tin. Then place the thumb nail size of balm in the middle of your palm. You can turn it into a liquid by the warmth of rubbing your hands together. Once the balm is a liquid apply thoroughly to your beard hair and skin. Root to tip for best results.

Insight: This is a two part insight. First, this helps ensure that the beard balm is evenly distributed throughout your beard. Secondly, helps straighten hairs so that it looks well groomed. P.S Make sure to give that mustache a nice twist! If you find that its not working, you make need to apply more to your mustache alone. Alternatively, try a mustache wax which has a greater hold than beard balm. 

6.Wash out at the end of the night 
Insight: At the end of the night its a great feeling for you and for your beard to wash your face with warm water. This gets out any junk that may have accumulated during the day. Washing your beard at night also washes out any excess beard balm left in your beard. In the morning you will have a fresh canvas to work with. Also, your wife will thank you :) 

I hope this helps guys!
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