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How to Shave Your Head Like Jason Statham - 4 Easy Steps

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Jason Statham shown on bigbeardbalm.com blog. Representing why a shaved head looks good, and shaving tools to achieve the look. Pre Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Razors, and Alum block to help with look.

If you want to do the classic Vin Diesel Bald is Beautiful look, or the suave Jason Statham suit and tie getting ready to drive 150 miles/h look… We’ve got you covered. The best way I can describe shaving your head is, FREEDOM. Let me enlighten you. Freedom from:

    • Being too hot from the summer heat
    • Getting up to do your hair everyday
    • Shaving the crown of hair you have left so people don’t know you’re balding
    • Saving time in the morning. Bro, your time is valuable. You need all the help you can get!

BONUS: You will stand out it a crowd. I don’t know what it is with a bald guy in a crowd, but people notice him… Could be the light bouncing off his head into a heavenly halo.



  1. Get some solid shaving tools
  2. Trim your hair (depending on how long it is)
  3. Shave your head with a simple technique
  4. Finish off with a soothing balm 

NOTE: Best time to shave your head is after a hot shower, or in the shower. Your pores are open, your hair is softer and it’s prime time for the smoothest shave ever.



CLIPPERS To trim your hair down

Shaving Clippers posted on bigbeardbalm.com. Shaver by Wahl. Used for trimming beard, trimming hair, and before shaving head.


SHARP RAZOR that has 3 – 4 blades. 2 blades don’t seem to “cut” it. Pun intended.

Gillette Mach 3 Razor on bigbeardbalm.com blog. Use for shaving head. Best used with pre-shave oil and shaving cream. Followed by soothing aftershave balm.


PRE-SHAVE OIL basically solves all shaving problems. Applying a thin layer of pre-shave oil on your head before your shaving cream will help you shave faster, your razor will glide across your head, it prevents razor burn, bumps, cuts and gets you a ridiculously close shave. Like ridiculously close.

Pre-Shave Oil on bigbeardbalm.com. Used for shaving under shaving cream with safety razor, straight edge razor, or razor blade.


QUALITY SHAVE CREAM if you don’t want to use pre shave oil. If you use pre shave oil, you can use any shaving cream.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream. Use over Pre-Shave Oil and with safety razor. Taylor of Old Bond Street on bigbeardbalm.com blog. Use with straight edge razor for close shave.


ALUM BLOCK is not commonly known, but works great for closing your pores, combating razor burn, and helps stop bleeding from nicks and cuts. It’s an under-utilized antiseptic tool.


AFTER SHAVE BALM will soothe your head and help close your pores.



If your hair is longer, trim it down with clippers to 1/8 or 1/4 inches (1 or 2 setting on your clippers).



  1. Take a warm cloth and apply it to your head if its cooled down too much after your shower just to open up your pores again (if needed).

  2. Apply a thin layer of Pre-Shave Oil to your head. Pre-Shave Oil is a game changer when you shave anything.

  3. Add shaving cream to your head overtop of the Pre-Shave Oil.

  4. Pick up that razor and start shaving.

    • First shave with the grain.
    • To get closer, now shave against the grain. If your skin is very sensitive you may not want to do this. Using Pre-Shave Oil makes is way easier to shave against the grain as well.
    • Watch out for the different directions your hair grows. You want to shave in the right direction from the beginning so that you aren’t shaving the same spot to many times. That will increase irritation.



Start with an Alum Block to soothe and refresh your skin (optional).

After Shave Balm is the classic post shave product. Apply a thin layer to soothe your head, followed by a moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores and has SPF to keep your skin safe from the sun.



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